Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage Options

A lot of things can happen during your work hours. This is why Commercial and Farmers Insurance offers a wide variety of commercial truck insurance policies to suit your needs.

Motor Truck General Liability Insurance: Coverage for motor carriers and for-hire truckers, covering bodily injury, personal injury, property damage liability, advertising injury liability, medical payments, product and completed operations, and seven days or less coverage for damage to rented premises.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance: Insurance on freight or commodity, covering liability for cargo lost or damaged. A good insurance option for for-hire truckers.

Physical Damage Coverage: Coverages to protect when physical damage occurs to your commercial vehicle, including collision, comprehensive, fire and theft, and more.

On-Hook Coverage: Covers repairs or replacement of vehicles that are not owned by your business if they are damaged by collision, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalism when towing or hauling.

Bobtail Insurance: Protects a tractor when operated without a trailer under dispatch or not under dispatch.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance: Covers use of a truck for non-business purposes when using your truck on days off.

Trailer Interchange Insurance: Non-owned trailers receive physical damage coverage.

Passenger Accident Insurance: Protects the driver if an accident occurs with an uninsured passenger.

Optional Downtime Coverage: Coverage that goes into effect when your commercial truck undergoes downtime so you can get back to business quickly.

Limited Depreciation Coverage

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: Assists in managing out of pocket expenses for repairs.

Supplemental Towing and Clean-up: Provides additional insurance coverage for towing businesses and cleaning up of pollutants and other debris.

CDL Insurance

Motor Carrier Insurance: Protects trucking business when using permanently leased independent contractors.